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Dendroica is an interactive training program developed originally to aid participants of the Breeding Bird Survey and other scientific surveys of Canadian bird species such as Breeding Bird Atlases to develop their bird song identification skills. It has since been expanded to cover Canada, the U.S.A. and Mexico, so that anybody can use the program to develop their North American bird identification skills using both sound and pictures.

Financial support for production of Dendroica was provided by the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada, with additional financial support from the Biological Resources Division of the US Geological Survey, as well as in-kind support from the Mexican Biodiversity institute CONABIO.

Dendroica was originally developed by Antonio Salvadori, Charles M. Francis and Margaret Campbell, with the help of many other people. The original version of Dendroica 1.0 was released on CD-ROM in 2007. It was created, designed, and written by Antonio Salvadori using Borland's Delphi Rapid Development Language. It was based on Raggiana, a birding database conceived and developed by A Salvadori; Nuthatch, a bird song identification training program developed by A. Salvadori and C.M. Francis for the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas; and Doricha an English-Spanish bilingual bird song training program on the birds of Veracruz prepared for the North American Ornithological Conference 2006 by Antonio Salvadori, Charles M. Francis, Margaret Campbell.

Dendroica 2.0 was a complete rewrite of the original program into a web environment. It was developed by Paul Morrill with financial support from Environment Canada, under the guidance of Charles M. Francis.

Dendroica 2010 is an upgrade that allows users to self-register, allows contributors to submit their own photographs and recordings for use in the program, adds greater flexibility to list selection and some other features, and introduces modules for the United States of America and Mexico.

Charles M. Francis has been responsible for the design, development and production of all versions of Dendroica.

Margaret Campbell assembled, selected and edited the sound descriptions, photographs and recordings for Dendroica 1.0, 2.0 and 2010.

Special thanks to all the photographers and sound recordists who generously provided their images and recordings (see separate credit list). Without their help this project would not have been possible.

Copyright © 2007 in software for Dendroica 1.0 Antonio Salvadori

Copyright © 2009 and 2010 in software for Dendroica 2.0 and Dendroica 2010 Paul Morrill

Copyright © 2007 in Dendroica 1.0 Antonio Salvadori, Environment Canada, Charles M. Francis, Margaret Campbell.

Copyright © 2009 in Dendroica 2.0 Environment Canada, Charles M. Francis, Paul Morrill, Margaret Campbell, Antonio Salvadori.

Copyright © 2010 in Dendroica 2010 Environment Canada, Charles M. Francis, Paul Morrill, Margaret Campbell, Antonio Salvadori.

Copyright © (dates vary) in all photographs and recordings rests with the individual photographers or sound recordists or their appointed agents as credited alongside each photograph or recording. No photographs or recordings may be reproduced or used in any way outside of this program without the consent of the copyright owners.

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