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Contribute to Piranga

Piranga was developed to help bird-banders refine their ageing and sexing techniques by studying their own and other bird-banders' photographs of birds captured during bird-banding operations. If you are a bird-bander, and you have photographs of birds in the hand that clearly show the key characters used to determine age and sex (e.g., photos of wings and/or tails that show details of moult patterns and feather shape, in addition to photos of the whole bird), we welcome your contributions. 

Most birds are protected in North America by federal, state, provincial or territorial laws. Permits are required before birds may be captured or marked. Only people with appropriate permits and training can legally capture and handle birds for banding and photography. You must know how to safely handle birds and have adequate training before attempting to photograph birds in the hand. Any photograph that suggests a bird was not being safely handled will be removed.

Please read the "Instructions for Submissions" before contributing your images. To contribute or view files that you have already contributed, please click on “Submit / Review Images”.