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Pine Grosbeak - Pinicola enucleator

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Hatch year / Unknown
Thumbnail - BR5-1581-62580-Pinicola_enucleator_EBIRD2021-5156.JPG Thumbnail - BR5-1581-62580-Pinicola_enucleator_EBIRD2021-5157.JPG Thumbnail - BR5-1581-62580-Pinicola_enucleator_EBIRD2021-5158.JPG

Formative Plumage
Second year / Female
Thumbnail - BR5-1581-62579-Pinicola_enucleator_EBIRD2021-5159.JPG Thumbnail - BR5-1581-62579-Pinicola_enucleator_EBIRD2021-5160.JPG Thumbnail - BR5-1581-62579-Pinicola_enucleator_EBIRD2021-5161.JPG

Second Prebasic Molt
Number of species: 82

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