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Cordilleran Flycatcher - Empidonax occidentalis

Photo: tony battiste; 2009 Apr 9; USA, Arizona; Huachuca Mts, Cochise Co.; Adult;
Song: Three parted song has same pattern as Pacific-Slope Flycatcher "tisp klseewii ptik". The final explosive "ptik" decreases in pitch from the first to the second syllable. Call notes of male are a two-parted "tee-seet" which is distinctive other calls include a rising "tsweep"" or "tseeweep".
Sound: Geoffrey A. Keller (Macaulay Library, Cornell # 105315); 1993 Jun 16; USA, Colorado; 16 km NE from Estes Park, Dunraven Recreation Area, Larimer Co; Adult; Primary Sound;


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