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Magnolia Warbler - Setophaga magnolia

Photo: lgooch (; Adult; Male; Breeding;
Song: Song is extremely variable: "witchy-witchy-witchy-tit" "witchty-witchty-witchy-weeoo" "one two three four six" with "three four" higher and faster, and "six" lower in pitch. Song is generally weak and fast, especially compared to the similarly-patterned Hooded Warbler. Some songs may closely resemble songs of American Redstart, which is usually higher-pitched, more emphatic, and slightly less musical. Pattern may also resemble Chestnut-sided (louder and more emphatic) and Yellow Warblers (sweeter and more musical).
Sound: Macaulay Library (Macaulay Library, Cornell); Adult; Primary Sound;


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Number of species: 439

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