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American Redstart - Setophaga ruticilla

Photo: lgooch (; USA; Adult; Male;
Song: Variable song is easily confused with other warbler species. Usually two-parted, first part is a high-pitched "su-weet-su-weet-su-weet", "weezi-weezi-weezi", or "sweet-sweet-sweet-sweet-sweet-sweet" which may be one or two-syllabled and varies in speed. Second part is a short, emphasized note at a lower pitch, often with a distinctive sneezy quality. In some variants, the final emphasized note is preceded by a higher-pitched note, recalling the pattern of Magnolia Warbler (which is lower-pitched, less emphatic, and has a slightly more musical quality to its song). Two-parted song may also be confused with Nashville Warbler (longer song; second part usually a short trill or chatter), or Yellow-rumped Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler, and Yellow Warbler, all of which tend to have longer, lower pitched, and more musical songs, with more complex second parts. Birds singing only the first part of the song may sound very similar to Black-and-white, Cape May, or Bay-breasted Warblers but song is very short (rarely lasts longer than 1 second) and relatively loud and emphatic. Variants of any of the above species can sound very similar to some Redstarts. Beware.
Sound: Lang Elliott; 1993 May 28; Canada, Manitoba; Adult; Primary Sound;


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